Light & Color Come to Life: Ross & Gundlah at Butternut

Butternut Gallery & Second Story Books is currently exhibiting the watercolor paintings of Deborah Ross and the fused glass wall and three-dimensional pieces of Cate Gundlah. Using these very different media, the two artists bring to vibrant life their subjects in the natural world--birds and plants are favorite subjects--as well as color and form for their own delightful selves. Gundlah offers representative work, such as the meadowsweet plaque at right, as well as bowls in abstract and floral themes, including this bowl detail, below. Ross works frequently in the avian houses at the zoo, capturing the motion and color of birds such as the hummingbird, white-napped crane and fish.

Of her work, Ross says, "I work in watercolor because of the speed, mobility and emotional richness of the medium. My technique derives from the oriental school of painting. A broad sweep of color applied with the full body of the brush lays down the overall gesture. I then use the fine tip of the brush for a telling detail - the arch of a wrist or angle of brow line - to set and ground .the pose. All of this must be done quickly. I prefer to work from life. Once the moment is past, I stop. My ambition is a portrayal of the essence of a subject distilled during the moments of observation. I have come to my study of wildlife through art rather than science. It is my vision and ambition for my work to bridge the realms of art and science, resulting in another dimension of understanding."

Cate Gundlah says, of her work and process, "I have been working with glass, in many forms, since the late 1990's. I love the whole process, including stained glass, fusing and forming glass in a kiln, and lampwork, which is the art of making beads, figures and vessels with a torch. Fused glass is the process of softening, bending and melting glass in a kiln. Each piece is fired in a kiln 1-5 times."

The Deborah Ross and Cate Gundlah exhibit will be on view at Butternut through May 13 during regular gallery hours, Thursday through Saturday, 11-5.